Profesionales en telecominicaciones y seguridad

Professionals in telecommunications and security

Professionals dedicated to providing consulting in information technology and telecommunications, offering integral solutions based on the new technological tendencies.

Our specialists have more than 25 years of experience in Telecommunications and have participated in large projects of technological and financial efficiency in Banks, Brokerage Firms, Government, among others.

We are a technology development, architecture and consulting company based in Mexico. The company has work teams formed by engineers, architects, computer scientists and consultants who offer solutions to improve the competitiveness of organizations through the use and application of knowledge management, as well as the adaptation of the most powerful new technologies of the market.

Many of our customers have achieved savings of 30% in telecommunication spending, especially in telephony spending, and have improved administration by installing key billing machines.

Minimum savings of 20% in telecommunications costs, implementation of solutions in a period of no more than 6 months.

We prepare and present a work plan, after implementation start savings starting from the third month in the following items:

• Fixed Telephony
• Mobile Phones
• Voice and Data Network
• Switch Infrastructure (PBX)

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