Fábrica de software

Software Factory

The Infosyst © Software Factory is an area of technology specialized in systems development where methodologies, processes and components are produced for the execution of systems based on specifications; increasing productivity and reducing application development costs.

The Infosyst © software factory specializes in new projects, closed projects and application maintenance in distributed development environments.

The Infosyst © Software Factory is presented as a solution when the client needs to outsource its construction, both for the maintenance of existing systems as well as the incorporation of new systems and / or requirements.

Our software factory is a "center of excellence" in software development and maintenance. The main advantages we offer through this service are:

• Efficiency through standardization and automation.
• Process control and quality control.
• Promotion of applications and reusable code libraries.
• Correct performance measurement.
• High production capacity.
• Standardization.
• Scalability.
• High profitability.
• Security.

Fábrica de software

Outsourcing can be done in the client's premises or in the own facilities of the Software Factory, depending on what the client requests.

To measure the capacity that the Factory must have for each project, a team of professionals is established that will conform the same, with different levels of experience depending on the needs of the client.

Once the adequate capacity for each project has been defined, at the beginning of each month a planning is carried out with the tasks previously estimated and prioritized, to cover the operational capacity.

The operating model in the Infosyst © Software Factory has as main points the implementation of management and software development methodologies, metrics, service level agreements and a clear definition of the interaction between the customer and the Software Factory, in order to achieve acceptance of the requirements management process, project planning and control, change management and product acceptance.

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