Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Only Digital Guardian offers complete data protection as a fully managed service. It is the industry's only hosted and full-service data security solution, backed by leaders with more than 10 years of experience in implementation and operation of security. With Digital Guardian Managed Security Program (MSP) managed security, organizations of all sizes can achieve superior security and data compliance faster and less risky (And for a substantially lower total cost) than with any other method of data protection.

Digital Guardian MSP provides you with continuously updated security intelligence and trend reports on the location, use and risk of the data through an interactive and intuitive reporting panel. Its rich event telemetry and advanced analysis enable security managers to easily share real-time views with technicians, manufacturers and researchers, and to precisely address the nature of data risks, the effectiveness of policies and compliance rates with a detail that ranges from executive summary to forensic detail.

Why the Digital Guardian Managed Security Program?


As soon as our experts have installed the Digital Guardian agents, you will immediately discover, with a complete forensic detail, where your confidential data resides, who has access to them and how they are processed. As a customer of the MSP, you have access to the Digital Guardian management console to filter and know in more detail reports per policy rule, file name, type, confidentiality, user, alert and event. Your MSP team will provide you with continuously updated security intelligence and trend reports on location, usage and risk.

Immediate access to security experts

Due to the vast lack of IT security talent, DG MSP customers leverage the knowledge of our engineers with more than 10 years of experience in deploying mission-critical data security programs of mission critical data, risks and compliance for Global 2000 companies and government agencies.

Better use of your resources

With the MSP DG team managing the infrastructure, your information security team can focus on regulation rather than management.

Exceptional results

DG MSP customers continue to tell us that they have been able to improve the visibility of their data and adopt a policy on data security risks faster than ever by their own means or any other provider

None of your sensitive data is in the cloud

Your data remains private and secure at all times. With the cloud-based Digital Guardian secure delivery option, no confidential data is ever transmitted, stored, or stored. Reports are based on metadata, which is encrypted, has a hash, and a digital signature prior to secure transfer to Digital Guardian host installations through the FIPS 140-2 certified messaging protocol.

Protect data with the best defense against external threats

Professional Services Protection from DG, Professional Services Protection, provides a complete service life cycle designed to assist you with every step of the process, from formulating an advanced strategy for prevention from threats to deployment policies for detection and containment, enhancements to incident investigation and response, and continuous reporting and analysis of risk exposure

Technical support

Flexible support resources to always guarantee an answer

Digital Guardian customer service is committed to obtaining total customer satisfaction by solving problems in a timely manner, accurate and complete. From comprehensive self-service knowledge bases to 24-hour support, we have a package that fits your needs.

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